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Injury Care Research & Family Care Research

Increasing the knowledge of clinical researchers, patients, physicians and community is paramount in ensuring clinical research is completed with integrity and efficiency so that healthcare can progress and quality of life for all can increase.

Injury Care Research & Family Care Research

Since 2008 Injury Care Research and now Family Care Research have been dedicated to assisting pharmaceutical and device companies find new therapies to help patients better manage their healthcare. We are dedicated to providing cutting edge therapy that can assist in managing patient’s chronic medical conditions today and for a lifetime.

Injury Care Research and Family Care Research recognize that competent and ethical clinical research coordinators are the core of successful clinical trials. We ensure all staff undergo and maintain comprehensive training in GCP/ICH, IATA and HIPPA regulations. All coordinators have extensive experience with numerous eCRF and eDiary systems. To ensure quality we also have a comprehensive internal audit and QA program.

We also understand that quick study start-up and rapid recruitment is key to successful trials. We have a 72-hour turnaround time for regulatory documents, and clinical trial agreements are typically executed within seven days. We do not need a finalized CTA in place to complete regulatory documents. Strategically competitive and consistently high enrollers, we are known to be effective in our approach to clinical trials. Our recruitment efforts are successful by conducting thorough database reviews and utilizing TV, radio, print, and online media. We are also known for our strong community ties through health fairs and alliances with various local foundations and clinician referrals.


Demographic Data

  • Start year clinical research2008
  • Phases of clinical studiesPhase II, Phase III, Phase IV
  • Types of studiesBiologics, Drugs, Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals
  • PopulationsAdult 18-64 yrs, Senior 65 yrs and over
  • Type of sitePart of a practice
  • # of employees involved in research6
  • # of investigators2
  • Number of studies last year10
  • Days openMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Extended office hoursYes
  • Dry iceYes
  • Blinded pharmacistYes
  • Dedicated monitoring spaceYes
  • Internet access for the monitorYes
  • Central laboratoryYes
  • Infusion capabilityYes
  • Shipping optionsFedEx, UPS
  • # days to turn around budget and contract72 hours