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The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. (S&CF) is a not for profit, DGR registered organisation which provides specialist treatment, education and research for a wide variety of skin disorders.  Established in 1987 and founded by a group of professional Dermatologists the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. is one of Australia’s leading Dermatology Centres and is at the forefront of delivering healthy skin by Dermatologists.

The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. Research arm makes a vital contribution to the study of skin diseases in Australia and has been responsible for conducting many clinical trials over the years as well as supporting projects co-ordinated through St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Department of Dermatology.  The research activities of the clinical trial department are supervised by specialist dermatologist Associate Professor Peter Foley. He is supported by senior dermatologists and clinical researchers Associate Professor Chris Baker and Associate Professor Alvin Chong.  Rheumatologist, Dr Maree De Cruz, plays an important role in joint assessment requirements for our Psoriatic Arthritis trials.  Whilst most of the research work in the department is dermatology related it has also supported external laboratory researchers with the supply of fresh whole blood samples to establish tests to support development of new therapies targeting cancer, inflammatory, cardiovascular disease and bleeding disorders.   We are interested in continuing to expand our therapeutic pipeline/experience.


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