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Research Facility Overview
The Quincy Medical Group is one of Illinois’ largest multi-specialty physician groups with more than 140 physicians practicing in 27 medical and surgical specialties. Quincy Medical Group provides quality healthcare services to over 300,000 people annually in the tri-state area. The Department of Clinical Research employs a highly-trained, dedicated research staff of clinical research coordinators.  The Department of Clinical Research conducts nearly 40 studies annually (including active and follow-up).
                 • Physicians: 140+ physicians and specialists
                 • Ancillary Services: Clinical Research, Imaging Center (Including US, Mammography (including 3-D), DXA, MRI  (open and closed), CT, and Nuclear Medicine), Full Service Laboratory, Infusion Center, EEG, EKG, ECHO, mobile PET-CT, Sleep Center, and many more.

See our website: WWW.quincymedgroup.com for a full listing and for additional details regarding each service lines accreditation(s).

All clinical research activities conducted by Quincy Medical Group physicians are centrally coordinated and managed by a highly trained research staff within the Clinic’s Department of Clinical Research.
Trial Experience (as of 5/2016):
• 83 trials conducted since the inception of the department in 2006
• Trial Enrollment: Over 300 patients have been enrolled into clinical trials
• Experience in non-oncology and oncology clinical trials; in phases II-IV; observational and treatment
• Medical Oncology
            o Supports the accreditation of Comprehensive Community Cancer Program by fulfilling Standard 1.9 including meeting the minimum required 4% accrual of annual analytic cases enrolled into clinical trials (accrediting body: American Cancer Society, Commission on Cancer)
            o Affiliate Member of Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology under the umbrella of the main member institution: Washington University School of Medicine. We also have access to clinical trials that are facilitated through the Clinical Trial Support Unit, a branch of the National Cancer Institute.
Facility Description:

  • EMR = Epic (Part 11 compliant)
  • Patient Consenting Areas in a confidential setting, according to SOPs
  • Study Drug Storage Facility:  Limited access, dedicated locked drug storage room with lockable drug cabinet and lockable refrigerator; Able to accommodate mixing drugs via aseptic technique, under a sterile, laminar flow-hood; Temperature-monitored; room-temperature and refrigeration
  • CRA Monitoring Area: Multiple conference rooms are available for use depending on the length of visit and the number of monitors present; Rooms all have WiFi access; Nearby access to copier and fax machine
  • Study Document Storage: Clinical Research suite and dedicated office at the Cancer Center
  • Long-term Record Storage
  • Clinical Equipment: Crash cart on site with defibrillator; Exam rooms are prepped; Equipment is calibrated twice a year (May and November)

Staff Expertise
Clinical Research Staff:
• Director – Kiley McGlauchlen, MS, CCRP
• Medical Director – Hrishikesh Ghanekar, MD
• Clinical Research Coordinators – 3 FTEs
• Clinical Trial Assistant – 0.5 FTE

For further inquiry, please contact: Kiley McGlauchlen, MS, CCRP at 217-222-6550 X 6658


Demographic Data

  • Phases of clinical studiesPhase II, Phase III, Phase IV
  • Types of studiesBiologics, Drugs, Vaccines
  • PopulationsInfant 0-1yr, Child 2-10 yrs, Adolescent 11-17 yrs, Adult 18-64 yrs, Senior 65 yrs and over
  • Type of sitePart of a practice
  • Days openMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Dry iceYes
  • Blinded pharmacistYes
  • Dedicated monitoring spaceYes
  • Internet access for the monitorYes
  • Onsite laboratoryYes
  • Central laboratoryYes
  • Infusion capabilityYes
  • Shipping optionsFedEx, UPS