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Pontchartrain Cancer Center

The Care You Need. The Compassion You Deserve.

Pontchartrain Cancer Center

Our physicians are specialists in the treatment and prevention of cancer and blood disorders. Medical Oncology is the field of medicine which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Cancer is treated in numerous ways: chemotherapy; immunotherapy; surgery; radiation therapy; along with new therapies that are continuously evolving. Our physicians are experts in prescribing and the supervision of chemotherapy and immunotherapy administration. Chemotherapy or biological therapy is defined as any medication which is given either by mouth, injection or intravenously to kill or stop the formation of cancer cells.

Hematology is the field of medicine which specializes in blood disorders. These problems include the leukemias, anemias, bleeding disorders, excessive clotting of the blood and others. Each patient is unique in their age, medical history, and family history – all factors that must be taken into consideration when treatment options are explored by your physician.

All your questions are important and deserve an answer. Write down your questions and bring them with you to your appointment; we can then gather information that will help you research your disease, learn more about treatment options, assemble nutritional information, and identify reliable resources for current information about the treatment and cure of cancer.

If you require hospitalization due to cancer-related complications or treatment-related side effects, we will continue to oversee your oncology and hematology care while working very closely with hospital physicians and other specialists. Our doctors are on staff with Lakeview Regional Medical Center, St. Tammany Parish Hospital, and North Oaks Medical Center, and we provide inpatient services at those locations.

If you are hospitalized at another facility, we will work very closely with your local care team to help you get better and return home. We will resume your follow-up care on outpatient an basis in the clinic once you are discharged from the hospital.

We are here to provide you with "The Care You Need and The Compassion You Deserve".


Therapeutic Areas

Demographic Data

  • Start year clinical research2016
  • Phases of clinical studiesPhase II, Phase III, Phase IV
  • Types of studiesDrugs
  • PopulationsAdult 18-64 yrs, Senior 65 yrs and over
  • Type of sitePart of a practice
  • # of employees involved in research8
  • # of investigators1
  • Number of studies last year6
  • Days openMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Dry iceYes
  • Blinded pharmacistYes
  • Dedicated monitoring spaceYes
  • Internet access for the monitorYes
  • Central laboratoryYes
  • Infusion capabilityYes
  • Shipping optionsFedEx, UPS
  • Contact for regulatory documentsChelsea McKean
  • Regulatory phone number9858881523
  • # of days to turn around regulatory documents5
  • Type of IRB used by this siteCentral
  • Appropriate storage facilities for productYes
  • # days to turn around budget and contract4 weeks