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The Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation is a non-profit research organization founded to improve the heart health of the people of Oklahoma by providing state-of-the-art technology and drugs not yet available to the public. Through their work at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, OFCR continues to lead the way to test the newest medications leading to improved health in people with heart disease. Among the "firsts" in research:

  • Using radiation to treat the reblockage of heart arteries
  • Performing PTMR and TMR procedures using a laser beam to selectively place holes in the heart to determine if chronic heart pain can be stopped
  • Evaluating devices which led to eventual FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval
  • Testing and evaluating anti-platelet drugs to reduce death, heart attack and the need for repeat angioplasty
  • Providing a wearable defibrillator vest capable of monitoring the heart and providing a shock, if needed, to people at risk for sudden death


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