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Middlemore Clinical Trials

Future of Healthcare

We are a secondary care site. We enrol very well in our key areas and that’s where we are keen to focus. These therapeutic areas are supported by experienced PIs, experienced study nurses with no competing studies right now. • Anaesthetics – Pain management; burns patients; anaesthetics; post-op nausea/vomiting; local anaesthetics; obstetrics; muscle relaxants; reversal agents • Cardiology – devices (acute coronary); chronic angina; coronary heart disease; risk reduction for coronary artery; chronic heart failure; heart failure paradigm; broad interest • Diabetes – adult Type II, dyslipidaemia • Dermatology – adult severe eczema; adult mod-severe psoriasis; rare severe inpatient derm conditions • GI – broad interest, involving endoscopies • Haematology – relapsed/ refractory multiple myeloma; elderly AML; malignancy and DOAC; reversing agents of Factor Xa thinners • Hepatology – HBV; HCV • ICU – flu; sepsis; pneumonia • Infectious Disease: Vaccine (fly); antibiotics • Paeds – RSV, anti-infectives, immunisation, asthma, bronchiolitis, bronchiectasis • Plastics – wound healing, pain management, conscious sedation, anti-itch treatment, anti-scarring • Psych – Major Depressive Disorder (elderly); dementia • Radiology (interventional) – all vascular and non-vascular interventional radiology, including stents, balloons, biopsy needles, dialysis access and thrombolysis • Renal – dialysis studies; CKD home based (not ward based) • Respiratory – mod-severe COPD, severe asthma, mod-severe Bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis/interstitial lung disease • Rhematology – OA; RA; Lupus; Psoriatic Arthritis; Gout; JAK inhibitors. No infusions. Biologicals are good • Stroke – Phase III+; rehabilitation agents that impact motor recovery • Urology – prostate ca


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